Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hard time on the gluten-free path

The whole gluten-free thing is becoming a big drag for me. I spent $5 on 5 small tortillas this week. My tiny quesadilla cost me $2 in tortillas alone. Why are these products so expensive?

To add insult to injury, we had friends over last weekend. I made a gluten-free dessert that was actually quite good. But when one of them heard that it was gluten-free, he refused to even try it. Apparently he had another friend on a G-F diet and had once tried an AWFUL G-F cookie. He now won't even try anything if he knows it is G-F. He was insulting and hurt my feelings by making such a big deal about it. He could have just said he wasn't hungry for something sweet.

Then I made gluten-free scones with a recipe from Gluten Free Girl and The Chef ( As most G-F items, they were dense and had a slightly weird taste. They also were crumbly and not moist. Bless her heart, she really gives it a go with these recipes. They just have so many ingredients and can never be like the real thing. Her blog is great though and there are a lot of recipes there worth trying. I think I am still grieving wheat and nothing else is going to stand up. I put the scones in the freezer with the hope that one day my craving will make them seem better than they are.

To make matters worse this week, friends invited us out to dinner. We went to Black-eyed Pea for dinner. I ordered the baked cod thinking I'd be safe. The dinner was torture for me though. They ordered the most delicious looking fried mushrooms I had ever seen. And anyone that has ever gone to Black-eyed Pea knows how good the bread and cornbread is! I could only look at it as everyone else ate. When my meal came, I am fairly confident that my fish had been dredged in flour. I should have asked, but I didn't want to make a big deal of my eating needs in front of my friends. The only person more sick of it is me. I ate this fish grateful that I am not celiac and can eat flour once in a while and be okay.

Then yesterday we went out again to a family style restaurant. I ordered grilled trout. I had to skip the yummy looking grilled Texas toast but was treating myself by ordering fries with my fish. I had had two baked potatoes in two days and wanted something different. I asked if the fries were coated -- and the waitress said no. When they arrived, they were coated. She apologized and said she misunderstood, and then brought me a baked potato. Sigh. I may be stopping someplace just for fries today -- I now have a hankering for them.

I am sure I will get through this pity party but I think I have over-stayed my welcome.