Saturday, July 16, 2011

What's a Birthday Girl to Do?

I blew it big time last week while on vacation in Wisconsin visiting family - I ate too much gluten. I tried to be good and even brought along my own load of Udi's bread and hamburger buns (and ate them). But it is hard to avoid wheat in Wisconsin. The stores don't have many gluten free options (but I did find Udi's bread), we ate out a lot, and everything is deep fried. Pizza seems to be a meal staple. I avoided the yummy looking donuts, made my own gluten free pasta and strawberry shortcake, but the pizza and Friday fish fry were too much for me. And this week I have been paying the price.

So, I needed to get back on my wheat free plan. The problem is that my birthday is next week and the celebrating has begun. A friend invited me to dinner last night and wanted to provide me with a gluten free dessert. But I couldn't really direct her to any place to buy something as I make most of my own baked good. So, without her knowing, I made gluten free lemon bars and then called to tell her I had done so and she didn't need to worry about dessert. Bless her heart, she didn't want me to make my own birthday treat but I didn't want to eat wheat. By the way, the bars turned out awesome. Pamela's baking and pancake mix seems to work as a flour substitute in just about every recipe I have tried, including this one.

I then stared to worry about my actual birthday. I knew my husband would want to do something but what is more pathetic than a man trying to figure out where to find me gluten free birthday cake, or worse yet, trying to make it himself. So, while in Sunflower Market this week I saw a little chocolate gluten free cake from French Meadow. I haven't tried their cake before but am risking it for the chance to have a candle on a cake. I have tried and liked the company's brownies and chocolate chip cookies so I hope the cake falls into that category too.

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go eat another one of those gluten free lemon bars. And happy birthday to me!