Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Perspective Through Sympathy

As much as I fight it, and as much as I hate to admit it, I can be a pessimist. I generally have a sunny attitude and a great sense of humor but my inner thoughts are usually plagued by "what if" and similar worse case scenario type thinking. I also often feel sorry for myself. This isn't the place to vent my sorry state of affairs but let's just say that I have enough going against me that it is sometimes hard to not create pity parties for myself.

Don't get me wrong, I also have a lot of great things in my life including a wonderful husband, three lovely cats, a beautiful home, an intelligent and curious brain, fun and dedicated friends, family that love me and so very much more. However, those things don't keep me from the pity parties in my mind.

What sometimes gets me to come home from one of those pity parties is a perspective. You know, a realization that while I don't always like eating gluten free, at least I can find and afford to buy gluten free products, plus I can eat gluten on occasion and be just fine. It also helps to think about all the good I have in my life and compare that to those that have so much less.

And so while I wanted to have an invitation only pity party recently, I didn't. Why? Because I have been following the story of Jennie a food blogger whose husband suddenly and unexpectedly died. You can read her blog at

My husband and I have been married for 25 years this year and dated for 4 years before that. Losing him is my greatest fear. We are a team and I don't know how I would negotiate this game called Life without my teammate. I am sure Jennie feels the same. And now she is living my nightmare.

I don't know Jennie and was only introduced to her through Shauna from Gluten Free Girl and the Chef but I love her already. For her honesty, her rawness, her optimism, her love of her husband and family, her style, and for many other things I can't identify.

I wanted to help Jennie but as a stranger thousands of miles away I didn't know how. Then I heard about Bloggers Without Borders a charity started by bloggers to help others. Their first mission, help Jennie with the financial mess she is now immersed in due to her husband's unexpected passing.

I donated and in exchange received shortbread cookies from a blogger donating them to the first 25 donors. Lots of other bloggers are auctioning items too. Consider donating. If you can. To help Jennie. Donate here.