Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Gluten Free Products

Okay, after struggles and depression over trying to eat gluten (wheat) free, I have been given a few gifts from the Universe. Two of these gifts have come from Udi's. If you haven't tried them already, buy some Udi's gluten free bagels. Now, I won't kid you - if you are a die-hard bagel lover from New York these won't be the same. But if you just want something crispy and chewy to spread cream cheese on, you will find these very satisfying. And, they are the same size as normal bagels, not some weirdly shrunken version like most of our breads.

I also had a Udi's (I am assuming but I didn't ask) pizza crust on a pizza from The Oven in Belmar. The reason I am assuming it is Udi's is because I have eaten Udi's at home before and it seemed the same. But what a treat to be able to eat pizza at my favorite pizza place! I can't be sure, but serious celiacs may have issues here as I am assuming that the gluten-free pizza is cooked on the same wood-fired oven surface as the regular pizzas.

And maybe my favorite find . . . CRACKERS that taste like crackers. Not gummy like rice crackers. These crackers come in several flavors and I found them at Whole Foods. They are called Skinny Crisps. They are made with almond flour and chickpea flour. YUMMY!

It pleases me greatly that the gluten-free options are ever-increasing. In fact, I read today that General Mills is coming out with a gluten-free Bisquick mix in July as well as gluten-free Hamburger Helper mixes. Gluten-free is going mainstream!

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