Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Blue Sky Breakfast

Not only were the skies vividly blue today, my breakfast came from Blue Sky Cafe in Denver West. I met a girlfriend there in part because I know it is gluten-free friendly. I ordered my usual veggie omelet with gluten-free English muffin and strawberry jam. It was so nice to be able to have a "normal" breakfast meal and not have to skip the bread.

I didn't have them today, but I understand that the restaurant also offers blue corn pancakes which can be made gluten-free. What a treat to be able to eat pancakes at a restaurant! I have had these pancakes before and they are delish!

My only complaint is that my food came out cold. The restaurant wasn't busy so I am not sure of the reason for the delay. Maybe that is why there was a delay -- I think sometimes servers slack off when the pressure of a full-house doesn't keep them on their toes. Regardless, I am grateful for a meal that will likely keep me feeling full for the remainder of the day.

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