Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wow! King Soopers!

I filled out a comment card for our favorite King Soopers (Kipling and Florida in Lakewood) thanking them for their extensive and ever-growing line of gluten-free products. Was I ever surprised when someone from the store called me to thank me for the comment card.

Well, that wasn't the surprising part, this is . . . she told me to keep the UPC codes from products that I buy in other stores and give them to her. She said that they realize that many gluten-free customers have to shop at more than one store to get what they need. She said they are trying to make it easier on us by having more of those products in their store, and offer them at lower prices than other stores. I don't know about you, but I really appreciate that kind of support. Makes my life easier to do my shopping at one store and if I can pay less too? That's even better. Thanks King Soopers!

Note: Not all King Soopers stores carry the same items. The best gluten-free store I have found in my area is the Florida and Kipling store. But if you'd like more selection in your local store -- ask, they seem very responsive!

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