Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mile High Organics is Force Feeding Me!

My husband and I signed up for home delivery of fresh, organic fruits and vegetables offered by Mile High Organics ( a couple of weeks ago. We knew we needed to eat more fresh vegetables and wanted to eat organic, when we could. We decided that getting them delivered to the house every week was a great way to step it up.

We try not to waste food and so by having food delivered to our house we are kind of "forced" to eat it. So far, we are really liking it! Here's why:

1. We know the contents of our bin a week before it is delivered on Tuesday. So, we can customize our menu plan for the coming week by incorporating those items that will be arriving. We normally grocery shop on Sunday so this works out great.

2. We have been trying to stick with the items pre-selected in the bin (except when we have excess or really hate something) so that we are forced to try new things or eat things that we normally wouldn't purchase.

3. We are actually saving money in our grocery budget (even after calculating in the cost of Mile High Organics) because we are doing a better job of menu planning and not just going to the grocery store and buying random items that don't always work together.

4. We know we are eating organic, high quality produce that is sourced locally when possible, and are eating more of it.

5. It is fun to come home on Tuesday and find our bin of produce waiting for us on the front porch!

We are still new to this so perhaps once the novelty wears off we won't like it as much or revert back into old shopping habits. But for now, it is a fun and healthy option for our meals.

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