Friday, June 24, 2011

Udi's GF Crust is an Artist's Palette

Last night I was starving, alone for the night and had no plans for dinner. I decided to pull an Udi's pizza crust out of the freezer and whip up dinner. Thanks to the fresh (and yummy) organic spinach from Mile High Organics, I had at least one topping set. After finding some cocktail shrimp in the freezer and using an open bottle of BBQ sauce instead of pizza sauce, I had a great dinner on the way. Thank goodness I also had just enough shredded Italian cheese blend to cover my creation.

But as I was eating my delish dinner and reading a magazine about health, I started to think about all the yummy gluten free options now available in stores. We are supposed to avoid processed foods and eat whole foods instead. Certainly all of these breads, pizza crusts, bagels, cookies, cakes, etc. are not healthy.

Then I started thinking about fiber. The fiber count of gluten free breads is nothing compared to the 100% whole wheat bread I used to eat. I think my fiber consumption is probably half of what it was before I gave up wheat. Should I supplement with fiber? I am trying to eat my fruits and veggies. Will that make up the whole grain difference?

What is healthy anyway. Every day I hear a new story about nutrition. One day potatoes are good for you - full of fiber and minerals. The next day we are told that the more potatoes we eat (cooked in any way) the fatter we become. One day we are told that complex carbs should account for 40% (or more) of our diet. The next day we are told that a Paleo diet (most meat and veggies with no grains) is the healthiest for our bodies.

I am so confused I don't know what to eat anymore. so I guess I will head to the frig and heat up my left over Udi's pizza. At least it tastes good.

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