Thursday, March 11, 2010

Slippery Slope of Gluten-Free

I feel like I am on that slippery slope of falling back into gluten-filled days. I am fortunate in that I am only gluten-intolerant so occasional gluten/wheat doesn't bother me. But that also means that sometimes when I get a taste of it, I want more.

For me, it started last weekend at a wedding rehearsal dinner. The Italian dinner was lovingly made by an Italian. And I couldn't resist. Initially I tried. I made my husband drive me around this small town in Northern Wisconsin we were visiting to find me something to eat for my dinner. I was then going to just have salad at the actual dinner. The only thing we could find that was gluten-free and vegetarian and fast was a fried potato and cheese concoction from Taco John's. I said that I would eat the pasta. And boy did I! It was so good -- garlic bread and all.

I actually did quite well the rest of the weekend, finding a grilled shrimp entree for lunch one day and a grilled vegetable sandwich (but I didn't eat the bun) on another. At the wedding, I ate mashed potatoes and canned corn -- my only options. I even skipped the wedding cake as my hubby told me it really wasn't worth it.

But now that I am home, I want to eat gluten. I am so sick of gluten-free breads. I can't stand that funky taste they all seem to have. And the little things, like Campbell's Cream of Mushroom Soup. I want it. I have several recipes that use it but because it has wheat, I shouldn't have it. I crave crackers. I found some from Out of the Bread Box that are okay -- but they aren't that same crispy, flaky cracker I so enjoy.

I made a boxed rice mix that had wheat in it the other day. And last night I ate homemade pizza that had wheat in the crust. I didn't realize until the pizzas were already made and in the oven that they were made with corn AND wheat. This discovery was made when I was looking at the cooking instructions. I made a dumb mistake and didn't read the label at Vitamin Cottage. The frozen crusts were in the gluten-free area so I just assumed they were gluten-free because the label said they were corn meal crusts.

Luckily for me, my husband is stopping at Le Central today to get me my favorite gluten-free bread. Maybe that will make it easier to get back on track this weekend! That and some Mexican food. Wish me luck.

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