Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Tears in Costco

Sometimes you are just caught off guard. Your defenses are down and you don't realize a whammy is headed your way. It happened to me at Costco on Sunday. It was innocent enough . . . my hubby and I were walking through Costco picking up a few things we needed (and a few we didn't) when we wandered by the Morningstar Farms vegetarian sausage patties. I caught a glimpse of them and immediately got a little teary and a lot feeling sorry for myself.

I originally had to give up these tasty little sausages about three years ago because they contain soy and soy had really started causing me tummy troubles. But they also contain gluten so even if I could eat soy, I now couldn't eat them because of the gluten. And that makes me sad because I like them. And that makes me sad because it is one more example of something I can no longer eat and enjoy.

After that experience, I got to thinking about whether anything gluten-free has lived up to its gluten equivalent - and I can't think of anything. Don't get me wrong, I bless Udi's and Rudi's for their gluten-free breads. I am thankful for quinoa and rice pasta. Gluten-free waffles are tasty and convenient. But if you put any of those next to their full wheat counterparts and I am afraid they would lose, big time.

And so my pity party continues as we move towards the holiday season. I won't be able to eat the pumpkin cake I am making for a friend's birthday later this month. I won't be able to eat stuffing and rolls and dessert at Thanksgiving. I won't be able to eat my very tasty Christmas cookies that friends beg for every year. Well, I guess that isn't fully true. I am grateful I am not celiac and so I can eat a little something gluten every once in a while and feel okay. But who is ever happy with one Christmas cookie? I guess I will have to be happy with it. And grateful that there are ever expanding gluten-free options available to me. I am working on it, really!

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