Monday, October 17, 2011

Peanut Butter Cookies

I was having lunch with a friend last week and it was her birthday the next day. The restaurant gave her a peanut butter cookie to celebrate. She offered me a bite, but I didn't take any. I had managed to eat a salad for lunch and avoided gluten so I wasn't going to spoil it with a cookie. But it did make me crave peanut butter cookies.

So, this weekend I decided to bake some. As is my normal routine these days, I pulled out my trusty Betty Crocker cookbook recipe and simply used Pamela's Baking and Pancake mix instead of flour in the recipe. The cookies turned out GREAT! I don't think anyone could tell they were gluten free.

I have actually had a lot of luck using Pamela's mix, so much so, that I haven't been trying very many other gluten free recipes lately. I just dig out my old favorites and substitute for the flour.

The one recipe I haven't tried yet, pumpkin roll. The same friend mentioned above loves my pumpkin roll (pumpkin sponge cake with cream cheese filling rolled up in it). I think it is an old Libby's recipe. Anyway, I make it for her every year for her birthday, including this year. I always make it with regular flour as she isn't gluten free. But that also means I can't (or shouldn't) eat it.

Maybe this holiday season, I will get brave and try making the cake for myself using Pamela's mix - wouldn't it be great if it turned out just like the original only I could eat it? Well, maybe not -- I bet each slice has a zillion calories! I will let you know if I attempt it.

The other recipe I want to tackle this year? Gluten free Christmas cookies. I tried making them a couple of years ago when I first went gluten free and they were awful! But this year I got a yummy shortbread cookie recipe from I actually received a batch of these cookies from the recipe author for making a donation to Bloggers Without Borders which was collecting money for fellow blogger In Jennie's Kitchen who recently and suddenly lost her husband. But I digress. I am very hopeful that I can adapt this shortbread recipe to work for my famous Christmas cookies. I miss them and so does my sister who also is gluten free. Wish me luck!

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