Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Gluten Free at PF Changs

It is the second time in a month that I have eaten gluten free at PF Changs so I thought I should share this great option for dining out!

The first time I ate in the restaurant with a group of friends before we went to see "Hair" at the theater. The restaurant has a gluten free menu printed within their regular menu so I didn't have to make a big deal about asking for gluten free options.

Being a pescetarian too, I always worry about gluten free options because I have found that they are usually meat-based. Makes sense because meat is naturally gluten free. But PF Changs offers a Singapore Noodle dish that is gluten free. It comes with chicken and shrimp, but I ordered it with just shrimp. I am positive you could also order it vegetarian and get broccoli instead of the meat as they seem very accommodating.

Last night for Halloween, we were going to a friends' house for dinner and we offered to pick up PF Changs take-out for our dinners. I again ordered the Singapore noodles using PF Changs online ordering system. The gluten free menu is totally available to order online.

I was worried about ordering online for take-out as it seems you can never be sure what you are getting. But, when I arrived, my take-out container had a bright gluten free sticker on it. They also offered me gluten free soy sauce packets. When the server asked if we needed fortune cookies, I said yes. He was kind in pointing out that the cookies were not gluten free. Of course I knew that, but I like to read my fortune and then let my hubby eat the cookie.

I have been trying harder to eat gluten free all the time (I tend to cheat once in a while since I am not celiac and usually don't feel the effects of a one-time cheat) but PF Changs makes it so easy for me to "be good." If you are looking for a great dining option where you can eat gluten free and not feel like a "freak" because you have to ask 500 questions before you order, I would recommend PF Changs.

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