Thursday, March 8, 2012

Thanks Jennie for the BEST Banana Bread Recipe

I follow In Jennie's Kitchen written by food blogger and recipe developer Jennie Perillo.

I started reading her blog last year after another food blogger (Gluten Free Girl) posted about fundraising efforts for Jennie whose husband died suddenly. I made a small donation and subscribed to Jennie's RSS feed and have been following her ever since.

Her posts are poignant and emotionally stirring. And they have been pertinent to me only because several people at arm's length to me have died recently causing me to think about death and grief and the frailty of life. Jennie's experiences have given that a voice beyond my own thoughts.

But I digress . . . the reason for this post today is to rave about Jennie's banana bread recipe. I love banana bread and make it often because I do not enjoy over-ripe bananas so I end up with lots of "bad" ones. I usually pop them whole into the freezer until they start falling out when I open the door. I then make banana bread.

Sometimes it is banana bread with oatmeal. Sometimes it is the recipe that calls for sour cream or yogurt. Yesterday it was Jennie's newly posted recipe.

Since I eat gluten free, I substituted Pamela's Gluten Free Baking and Pancake Mix for the flour. I also added 2T chia seeds and 3T flax seeds to the mixture. It made the best banana bread I have perhaps ever eaten.

If you want the recipe, follow this link to Jennie's site: Everyday Banana Bread

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