Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Gluten Free Handy Brand Crab Cakes - YUM

I made a remarkably yummy discovery recently. Namely gluten free crab cakes from Handy International.

I found these delicious crab cakes at Whole Foods two weeks ago. I didn't even pay attention to how much they cost because I was so excited to find them. I LOVE crab and the idea of eating a crab cake really appealed to me. I am so glad I rolled the dice and bought these.

After deciding to eat them for lunch today, I choose to pan saute them in a little olive oil. Probably not the healthiest choice to add oil, but I really craved that crispy finish that you get by pan sauteing. It was the right choice. They came out crisp and brown on the outside while still being moist on the inside.

Aside from being the gluten free, the best thing about these crab cakes is that they are full of big pieces of crab! Not a bunch of filler and low grade mealed up crab. By adding a small quinoa and romaine salad, I had a very satisfying lunch.

Whole Foods here I come, I WILL be buying these beauties again!

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