Thursday, April 28, 2011

WHAT? am I going to eat

I just got some test results back. No surprise, I have high IGG blood test results for wheat and soy, meaning I have food allergies for those two foods. When I eat too much of either, my digestive tract pays the price. What happens when I eat just a little? Well, it doesn't cause me any visible distress, but is there a hidden price I am paying?

The problem is that I don't sense anything when I occasionally indulge in a slice of pizza or a veggie burger. It is hard to avoid wheat and soy when there isn't an immediate consequence.

And that brings me to my new dilemma. I just found out that I am also allergic to eggs! WHAT am I going to eat now? I am a vegetarian that eats fish (technically a pescetarian) but now can't eat wheat, soy or eggs. All of my staple foods are gone except for dairy! Fortunately for me, all of my dairy markers came back negative! As a girl from Wisconsin it is hard to fathom giving up cheese!

The other part of this dilemma is that I do not notice ANY reaction to eggs when I eat them. Ironically I have never been a huge egg fan. I can't eat them for breakfast as they gross me out but I would eat them in restaurants and sometimes for dinner at home. I think I can give up eating what I call "overt eggs" pretty easily. The problem for me is that eggs are seemingly in everything including all of the gluten free breads I have looked at including Rudi's and Udi's. I can't imagine giving those up. Plus, I love to bake and let's face it, baking gluten free is enough of a challenge without throwing in the added obstacle of baking with no eggs!

So, after a consultation with my doctor on Monday, I am going to have to decide the impact of still eating those hidden eggs in products, versus trying to not eat ANY eggs and still be a vegetarian.

Those pesky ethics that are keeping me from eating meat! I often wonder how much easier my life would be if I ate meat? Especially when traveling and dining out. Menus always boast a host of salads with a chicken breast on them. A steak, baked potato and steamed broccoli - easy. If it only were easy for me. But even eating meat doesn't solve my bread and baking with eggs issue.

So, I am left to ponder . . . WHAT am I going to eat?

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